6.0.0 - What is a Community Council

This section includes a complete list of the roles and responsibilities of the Community Council, position descriptions, and a year-at-a-glance for each of the Council positions.


The information contained in this section is provided to give a general outline of what each member of the Community Council is expected to work on each year. For a more in-depth description of each task as well as resources that have been developed to help Community council members, please refer to sections of this resource outlined in the position description.


Community councils are made up of a variety of combinations of the following council positions. The make-up of the council is often determined by the availability of volunteers and the needs of the community.


Community Council Positions


Community Athlete Representative

Community Coach Representative

Community Coordinator*

Community Fundraising Coordinator*

Community Parent Liaison

Community Public Relations Coordinator

Community Registrar*

Community Secretary*

Community Sport Technical Coordinator

Community Transition Coordinator

Community Treasurer*

Community Volunteer Coordinator*


*These community council positions should be filled in each community. In cases where there is a shortage of available volunteers, however, in some cases multiple positions can be held by one member. 

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