3.4.0 - Branding

About this Section

This section contains information regarding the Special Olympics Brand and the policies around its use.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Special Olympics International refreshed its logo and brand identity globally in 2012.  The transition to the new logo is expected to take place over a period of 12-18 months.

During that time period you may notice that SOO's social media, web sites and published logos will start to change.  SOI has made extensive resources available to accredited programs which include comprehensive guidelines, file types and colour and layout options.

Special Olympics International realizes the importance of flexibility for ALL Special Olympics Programs based on the vast array of communications and marketing materials that are generated and produced around the world.  Their primary objective in refreshing the logo was to have a consistency of branding in all materials and they have thus gone to great lengths to provide all programs with a large variety of options for marketing, communications and PR.  While this transition is taking place, Special Olympics Ontario continues to endorse the use of the old (2006) logo and programs are asked to continue to use all materials and stationary until supplies are consumed and to transition to the new logo when they are depleted.

A scaled down set of these resources including Special Olympics Ontario specific resources, templates and logos for download by our communities and programs has been made available in this section.

Please review the information found in this section to familiarize yourself with the brand identity, logo and guidelines for use.
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