Figure Skating Minutes

          Call in #’s
          Access Code:4138446

Figure Skating at 8:15 pm

Attending :
 Cindy Melanson- Venue  Manager
 Bonnie Paajanen- Accountant
Marlene Wright - Co Chair Sport Services


    Region 2: Jessica 
    Region 3: Nacy Gogomeche
    Region 4: Julie
    Region 5 : 
    Region 6:  Dawn 
    Region 7: Claudette for Cathy and Rachel Matthews
    Region 9: Marissa Connleyy
    Region 10:
    Region 11: Alex Desroches 
    Region 12: Nancy Eastman and  Donna Edwards

Opening Ceremonies
  •  There was a draw for the athletes selected to say the athlete oath. Jonathan Edwards in english and Nadia Bouillon.
  • Athletes will skate around the ice  1 time. There will be Regional sign. Sign carriers to be assigned by the Head Coach.
  • Athletes will wear their regional team  jackets for the opening  ceremonies.  
Schedule Changes
11:00am Opening ceremonies on  Friday 
11:20am  Right after the opening ceremonies there will be another flood.. 

Coaches Meeting:

Will be at the Venue on Friday morning (Jan. 21). Time to be confirmed.

Sport Technical

  • Cindy to confirm that the music timing will be prepared for athletes to complete two patterns of the their dance. 


  • Bring your protest and $50 bring to the accountant room. The unofficial results will be posted with a time printed on them and you have 30 minutes from that time to lodge a protest. 


  •  When you arrive at the venue, please check in your team and hand in your music. Your music will be returned at the conclusion of the competition.
  • Change rooms# 1& 2  are  female,  change room #3 is male.  Change room assignments are by gender not region.
  • Spectators viewing area is upstrairs  or their is a small area (standign room only) at ice level.
  • The concessaions will be open.
  • Snacks in dressing room #6 will have athlete and coach snacks.
  • Games merchandise will be avaialble for perchase inteh tournamanet centre.
  •  Cindy to check in extra tights will be availble in teh pro shop.
  • Results will be posted on each level ( dressing room area) and  in the main lobby of the tournmanet centre on the bulletin board.