Alpine Skiing Minutes

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Alpine Head Coaches  at 8:15
Attending :
Tom Ratz- Alpine Race Committee
John Gould- Alpine Race Committee
Patty Federer- SOO Technical Rep
Deb Tully- Co Chair Sport Services 

    Region 2: Dave Nyehouse

    Region 4: Cathy Butler
    Region 5 :
    Region 6: Ian Pavlik
    Region 7: Rachel Matthews and Amy
    Region 8: Cathy Wood
    Region 9: Mya Park
    Region 10: Jim Mc Clare
    Region 11: Taytlor  Abbott
    Region 12: Donna Edwards


1.   Schedule  and Divisioning Overview

Patty Federer gave an overview of the  divisoning process. The GS runs will be used for divisioning. The first run will be used to determine  levels ( novice, intermediate,advanced). The  second run with be a timed run. Please let Patty Federer know if your athletes have any issue that could effect their divisioning run.

Divisioning rounds will be used to determine the start list.
The start  order with be faster to slowest in the first run and then switched to slowest to fastest for the second run.

Q: What if my athlete has technical and downhill skis?  
A; Let Patty know if you have athletes that have multiple skis.

Q:  Will athletes be using the T-Bar?
A:  No, athletes will be using the chair lift

Q: Are their washrooms on the Hill?
A: There are Port a Potties on the Intermediate and Advanced courses. The Novice  athletes are very close to the chalet washrooms.

2. What do I do after I get off the bus?
  • Buses will arrive at  approx. at 8am (subject to change. there will be greaters at the venue to meet the coaches. The teams will be directed upstairs to the athlete area and  a coach representitive can check the team in. 
  • 8:30am lifts open. 
  • The training run  is on the Gold run which is beside the Hornet.  Training runs will go during the course pre-inspection.
Lunch and Snacks
Lunch will be available  from 11:30am. Water and snacks will be available in the athlete area.

Can view the  event from the upper chalet area. There is a cafeteria at Mt.Baldy will be open for spectators to purchase food.

Coaches Meeting ( Meet and Great)
Thurs. Jan. 20th: 4:30pm- Nor'Wester 
Thurs. Jan 20th: 5:15pm Victoria Inn.
Fri. Jan 21 at the Venue at the end of the competition day.