14.03 - Alpine Skiing


Alpine skiing is a demanding sport, and athletes will benefit by being in good physical condition to compete successfully and safely. Alpine skiing requires, in addition to a basic combination of endurance and strength, a high capacity of quickness and action/reaction endurance. Through proper training, the athletes improve their physical, psychological and mental efficiency.

Provincial Convenor

Ian Pavlik -  alpine@specialolympicsontario.ca

Rules of the Sport

SOO Apline Sport Conferences


Discussion Group

The sports forum and discussion group serves as a forum for discussion between Special Olympics Ontario Coaches and partners within that sport. Registration for the discussion group provides access to important sports information as well as a way to communicate with coaches and sports clubs across the province. It also serves as a mailing list for coaches within your sport for broadcast communications from SOO. You are able to manage your own membership to the group as well as determine the frequency with which you wish to receive email.

CLICK HERE to be taken to the forum / discussion group for Alpine Skiing.
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