Speed Skating Minutes

          Date:January,13, 2011 
          Call in #’s
          Access Code:4138446
     Speed Skating at 7 pm 
     1-  Schedule- overview
     2.  Coaches Meeting 
     3- What happens after I get off the bus ?
     4.- Questions
    Attending :
 Andrew Johnstone- Chief of Competition
Bev Dunhill- Venue Manager
Marlene Wright-Co-Chair Sport Services 
    Region 1:
    Region 2: Shauna 
    Region 5 :
    Region 6: Marlene Leigh
    Region 7: John Murphy, Rachel  
    Region 9:
    Region 10:Tim 
    Region 12: Eli/Laura


Schedule Overview

Coaches Meet and Greet

 The Coaches' Meet and Greet will replace the traditional pre competition coaches meeting. The meetings will be at both athletes villages with the confirmed times to follow.  The meetings will take place at supper. Heat Sheets and refined schedules will be distributed at this time. The meeting will provide an opportunity  for coaches to meet the host committee and ask any outstanding questions.  

Schedule overview

Friday morning  - Officials Meeting and a quick coaches meeting if necessary with the officials.
8:30 am- 8:50 am- Warm up regions 1-8 and SOM 
9:10 am - Warm up regions 9-12

9:30am-  Ice resurfacing and the Competition begins 

Discussion on the  tentative schedule to add heats for the 500m and to move some of the events to ensure that athletes will not be racing back to  back and will have the  sufficient  recovery time between races.

Coaches will ahve teh abiulity to  gage their athletes performance during the competition before the submission of relay teams.

Starts will be conducted  by a starting pistol. Andrew to ensure with the Starter that the arm drop will be used for the  events   with athletes with  a visual impairment ( region 10 athlete).

Ice Surface 
  • Discussion: To ensure that the ice surface is harder than a traditional community pad. Andrew to discuss with the facility to ensure the ice is at an appropriate temperature for the competition. 
  • Ice stewards will be  applying water to thw ice surface to ensure it is optimal.
  • 3 tracks will be laid.