11.05.0 - Conference Competition

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The conference competition is the foundation of Special Olympics Ontario competitions. All athletes have access to attend competition at this level. Each sport specific conference must hold a minimum of one competition each season.
  • Hosted in each sport specific conference under the guidance of the SSCT
  • The one competition that all athletes within the sport specific conference must have the opportunity to attend
  • Includes all ability levels including Adapt and all events (where applicable)
  • Hosted by a registered coach / volunteer of SOO
  • Divisioning / Seeding must occur to ensure all athletes are competing within their correct ability level
  • Sport rules must adhere to the SOC Sport Rules (SOO Rule Supplements) unless previously approved by SOO
  • Registration fees not to exceed $25 per athlete, or $40 per golfer
  • Grants are available to assist with competition deficits in communities who require assistance. Competition host budget must be submitted with the grant request.
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