Welcome to the Programs, Policies and Procedures Guide for Special Olympics Ontario. 

The sections below contain comprehensive set of information of all policies and procedures of our organization as well as core Sport Rules and Policies. Information is current as of the date read, however is subject to change and review at regular intervals.  Policies may be printed and are for the use of Special Olympics Ontario stakeholders.  

All content is copyright Special Olympics Ontario.  Reproduction and republication of these documents by parties outside of Special Olympics Ontario is possible only by permission of Special Olympics Ontario.  Please contact us if you wish to use these resources for this purpose.

Programs, Policies & Procedures 

1.0 - Organization

Outlines the history and organizational structure of Special Olympics Ontario

10.0 - Coaching

Information about being a Coach with SOO, Includes information about NCCP and Coach Training.

2.0 - Finance

Contains information in regards to grants, budgets and banking accounts, ect. and sample financial forms/reports

11.0 - Competitions

Information about requirements, policies and organization of competitions within SOO.

3.0 - Communications, Marketing & Public Relations

Communications, Marketing & Public Relations material for SOO Communities.

12.0 - School/Youth Programs

Information about School and Youth Programs within SOO.

4.0 - Fundraising

Provides information on how to fundraise for both provincial and national events, and contains our list of sponsors

13.0 - Operational & Sport Policies

Operational & Sport Policies of Special Olympics Ontario. Including all 7000 series SOO/SOC Policies.

5.0 - Regional Competition

Contains ready to use resources, and information on regional meetings, the advancement/endorsement process and position descriptions

14.0 - Sport

Sport Specific Pages pertaining to the rules, technical requirements, and coaching guides of all sports within SOO.

6.0 - Community Councils

Outlines the roles and responsibilites of the Community Council and how this body functions 

15.0 - Integrated Programs

Information about integrated programs including Sport Priority Funding, Canada Games, Healthy Athletes & Physical Activity & Healthy Living (PAHL).

7.0 - Sport Clubs

Information about Sport Clubs, operating procedures and Guidelines

16.0 - Affiliate and Sponsor Partnerships

Information about Affiliate Sponsorship Partners such as Motionball and the Ontario Law Enforcement Torchrun..

8.0 - Athletes

Information about being an Athlete in Special Olympics Ontario. 

17.0 - Sport Development Plan/Strategic Plan

The National, Provincial and District Strategic Planning Process & Sport Development Plans.

9.0 - Volunteers

KInformation about being a Volunteer in Special Olympics Ontario. 

18.0 - Risk Management

Information about Risk Management. Including Insurance, Disciplinary Procedures, Health, Safety & Security.